About Us

45/90  is a meticulously curated online store focused on mens wear, art, design, furniture and accessories. Inspired by the working class passion for sports from a post World War II era. 45/90 is a collective of creatives and craftsmen sharing their passion and hard work with you all. 

Whether you are the pro athlete, race car driver, the motorcycle riders living the dream or whether you are the ex All-American player, the auto and motorcycle tinkerer or collector, the Mechanic, the part-time boxer to the well versed analysts, historians and commentators of vintage sports still living and breathing your passion this is the place is for you! 

45/90 is an attitude of commitment driven by passion. By those who choose above all to do what they love and letting that consume them to till their very death. To the bohemian, poetics, and DIYs of this world with the on and off the track attitude of the Steve McQueens, Paul Newman’s,  of this world. The strong minded, hard working individuals seeking to out perform themselves in every capacity possible. With the sensitivity and emotional maturity to understand and appreciate music, art and design. Cheers!